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Whitfield Legal Documents

Buyer's Disclosure Documents
(All items below need to be returned to the Flowers Plantation office prior to closing)


Homeowner Contact Information

Disclosure Summary

Photo Waiver / Trash Removal Service

Important Contact Details

Walking-Hiking Trail Release of Liability


HOA Documents


Whitfield - Architecture Change Request Form

Whitfield Covenants 10.11.2016 Bk 4845 Pg 457

Amendment to Whitfield Covenants 01.05.2017 Bk 4891 Pg 380

Second Amendment to Whitfield Covenants 03.03.2017 Bk 4920 Pg 249

Whitfield Open Space dedication 05.23.2017 Bk 4962 Pg 9

Amendment to Whitfield Covenants 09.22.2017 Bk 5030 Pg 752


Foundation Documents


Development Agreement 07.11.1997 Bk 1615 Pg 601

Development Agreement 09.01.2004 Bk 2757 Pg 844 (re-recorded from Bk 1615 Pg 601)

Amendment to Development Agreement 12.09.1997 Bk 1657 Pg 335

Amendment to Development Agreement 09.13.2000 Bk 1970 Pg 599

Amendment to Development Agreement 12.09.2002 Bk 2342 Pg 631

Amendment to Development Agreement 05.25.2011 Bk 3985 Pg 592

Declaration of Easements and Covenant to Share Costs 07.11.1997 Bk 1615 Pg 609

Amendment to Declaration of Easements 12.09.1997 Bk 1657 Pg 337

Amendment to Declaration of Easements 11.19.2001 Bk 2143 Pg 106

Amendment to Declaration of Easements 01.14.2002 Bk 2169 Pg 948

Amendment to Declaration of Easements 05.25.2011 Bk 3985 Pg 597

Amendment to Declaration of Easements 08.02.2016 Bk 4807 Pg 443

Disclosure Statement regarding Future Purchasers of Residential Properties 06.22.2005 Bk 2920 Pg 754

Whitfield Foundation Annexation 12.30.2015 Bk 4702 Pg 2




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