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Homeowner Contact Information and Family Demographic

    All family member’s names and dates of birth:


    Dates of birth

    (This information is needed in order to make certain that Flowers Plantation offers activities and programs that appeal to all family members and age groups) PLEASE NOTE: Email is Flowers Plantations preferred method of contact for important notices and alerts. Opting out of emails removes you from ALL mass emails and notifications. All information collected is used solely by Flowers Plantation and will not be sold or given to any third party.


    Flowers Plantation Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit Foundation created solely for the purpose of maintaining NC Department of Transportation rights of way, entrances, white fencing, walking trails and other certain areas which need to consistently reflect a groomed, neat appearance, thereby enhancing the property values of all Owners. This maintenance is paid through an annual dues assessment currently $183.00. Foundation dues are billed to the homeowner in December and are due January 1 annually.

    Street Maintenance Fund: A one-time fee of $500.00 will be collected at each closing for maintenance of the private streets. At closing, this fee will be paid into the respective HOA. This fund is held in an interest-bearing bank account separate from the HOA's operating funds for future repairs and Private Street resurfacing within the respective neighborhoods and the common private roads in the Foundation.

    Solely the Declarant, Rebecca D. Flowers, manages Architectural Approvals for Flowers Plantation. It is separate and apart from the Foundation. All aspects of homes and lots must be approved through Declarant's office. An architectural application is included in these documents.

    Should you have further questions in regards to Flowers Plantation or need an application in the future, please call 919-553-1984 or email to info@flowersplantation.com.

    To access all legal documents for Flowers Plantation, please visit: http://www.flowersplantation.com/Legal/Legal-docs


    I, and ,
    purchaser(s) of Lot# in ,
    acknowledge that I/we have reviewed the foregoing Disclosure Statement and that we have received access to the legal documents this

    Resident Photo Waiver

    I grant permission to Flowers Plantation Foundation and their employees, to photograph or video me, my dependents and/or property in Flowers Plantation, related to the activities of the organization.

    I understand that the photographs, video segments and digital images may be copyrighted for use in print or electronic media for publication, exhibit or distribution. I agree that such media may be used, with or without my name, for any lawful and wholesome purposes including publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

    I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by Flowers Plantation or any authorized personnel, without compensation to me.

    Full Name: Date:

    Trash Removal Service

    I understand Waste Industries is the only provider for trash & recycle service in Flowers Plantation. I will contact Waste Industries at 919-662-7100 directly to set up service.

    Full Name: Date:

    Golf Cart Registration

    Golf Cart Details:

    Golf Cart Guidelines

    1. All golf cart drivers must have a valid driver's license to operate a golf cart.
    2. There is marked Golf Cart parking at The Club and Harris Teeter. Parking outside of the designated Golf Cart parking area is prohibited.
    3. We will be monitoring golf cart usage in Flowers Plantation and at the Crossroads.
    4. Violations will result in a hearing and a fine of $100 per occurrence.
    5. The Board will report violation notices that have been sent and/or heard.
    6. Please obey all traffic laws and speed limits.
    7. Only battery powered golf carts allowed within Flowers Plantation.
    8. Golf carts are prohibited on pedestrian sidewalks on the streets of East Neuse River Parkway, but allowed on East Neuse River Parkway.
    9. Golf carts must have operable headlights, rear lights, and rearview mirrors.
    10. Golf carts must be registered with Flowers Plantation Foundation. Unregistered golf carts operating within Flowers Plantation will be fined $100 per violation after Sept 30th 2020.

    I have received, read and agree to the Golf Cart Guidelines listed above. I have acknowledged that I will assume all liability and am fully responsible for the operation of the above golf cart on the streets and roads in Flowers Plantation. I will ensure that the assigned golf cart registration decal will remain attached conspicuously to the golf cart at all times. I furthermore acknowledge that I will obey all the guidelines set forth by Flowers Plantation Foundation in the operation of a golf cart.

    Release of Liability
    Sidewalks/Hiking/Walking Trails

    I / WE as Flowers Plantation residents and our guest(s) understand that the use of any/ALL Sidewalks/Walking & Hiking Trails in Flowers Plantation PUD, Hiking/Walking Trails around any/ALL Lakes in Flowers Plantation PUD are at My/OUR own risk.

    I/WE will not hold Flowers Crossroads lakes LLC, The Flowers Plantation Foundation, Inc, or its successors and/or assigns responsible for any damages, accidents, injuries or theft that may occur while using said property.

    I understand that all children 15 years of age or younger walking around the Lakes must be accompanied by an adult.

    I understand that ATV's, other motorized vehicles (excluding electric golf carts), inline skates, roller skates, bicycles and skateboards may not be used on the walking trails around the lakes.

    Print Full Name: Date:

    To access all legal documents for Flowers Plantation, please visit: http://www.flowersplantation.com/Legal/Legal-Docs

    Map to Flowers Plantation
    Visit Flowers Plantation!
    Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Sunday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    Welcome Center:
    500 NW Flowers Parkway, Clayton, NC 27527
    East Triangle YMCA: (919) 719-9989
    Call us at (919) 553-1984