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Touchpad location:  Yet to be determined. Each HOA Board will meet with the installer and the Declarant’s representative to review and decide.

Gates location:  Yet to be determined when and if Village is dissolved. There are no other gates if Village is not dissolved. It will take a while longer to reach the time to make the decision neighborhood by neighborhood. 

Each installation usually takes a day…sometimes two. 

Set up is different per subdivision. Not all are alike at the entrance.

There will be a vote by Village neighborhood counting all members of that HOA. The vote must be 80% all combined total of residents. So it is a unilateral vote by all, but collected by HOA and accounted for ini re to the number of homeowners.

Road maintenance for NW Flowers Parkway is currently paid for by The Village. If Village is dissolved, then the Flowers Plantation Foundation Inc.

The YMCA will pay what the club has paid since its’ inception. The $45/monthly x 37 and the annual Foundation dues x 37.

Transponder can be recoded if requested at the time the individual gates go in.

The homeowners will receive the name and pay for the remote transponder if a new one is requested to the gate installer. 

The corner lots in most cases do not get any impact due to the buffer along the parkways.

Gates, noisy…..not noticeable thus far…should be no reason for anything different than what is currently heard.

No traffic backups are anticipated.  If the Village remains the gates will open at 5 am and close at 9 pm as always.

The bus stops will not be moved.

The neighborhoods who share in direct access to a Village maintained street will decide if they wish individual gate vs. jointly maintained gates. Pineville East Estates, Pineville East, Pineville East Cottages, and Palmetto Place have a unique situation and they are fully aware and discussing.

Vote not yet determine in regard to when.

Any HOA who has individual gates calls the gate installer on their emergency phone to get assistance, if the situation cannot be managed at that time. There is a manual setting that can be put in place and used when there is a malfunction of the mechanical aspects.

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